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Integrity * Loyalty * Excellence

We're a social guild that raids together. We also do old raids for achieves, mounts, transmog gear, or just plain fun. While we have standards for our raiders,
we don't place value on a player based on what they bring to a raid team.
We are all about respect, helping each other, and having fun! 

Guild Rules:
1. Treat others the way you expect to be treated.
2. Abide by WoW's Rules of Conduct and Terms of Use.
3. No begging. If you need something crafted, provide the mats or fair compensation. If you need gold, earn it. We'll share some tips and ideas.
4. Do not steal or abuse withdrawal privileges from the guild bank. Take what you need and split stacks if you can. It is there for all of us to use. Deposit items for others to use. 
5. No gray items nor items purchased from vendors are to be deposited in the bank.
6. No gossip, arguing or causing drama. If you have an issue with someone, try and work it out. If you cannot, discuss it with the GM or a Master.
7. Minimal profanity in guild chat. Racist, sexist and homophobic terms and remarks will not be tolerated. We respect all ages and backgrounds.
8. Be active. If you are inactive longer than three months, you will be kicked. Exceptions are made in extreme circumstances, and are at the sole discretion of the GM.
9. Help your fellow guildmates however you can. When someone levels, we all benefit. 
10. Have fun!

1. I think I need to take a break from WoW for personal reasons, but I don't want to get kicked. What do I do?
Discuss your situation confidentially with the GM, who will decide whether or not to grant an exception.

2. I would like a personal run through a dungeon, so I can finish my quests/level/farm for a drop. Will someone help me?
Absolutely! Private runs are at the discretion of the higher level player. Do not take time to DE, sort bags, etc. Respect their time by grabbing loot and getting out. 

Are guild activities mandatory?
Generally speaking, attendance is not mandatory. There are two exceptions: Raiders are expected to be at every raid that they can, and Marshalls and Masters are expected to be at meetings and social events whenever possible. We understand that real life takes precedence, so we understand when someone can't make something.

4. What if a player violates the rules?
The GM and Masters are here to protect the entire guild and to look out for its welfare. Usually the player is given a warning. Further action will be decided by the leadership team, if another violation occurs. Further action may mean demotion, sidelined from guild dungeon runs, etc. In extreme circumstances, the GM or Masters may immediately kick the player.
6. I want to move up in the guild. How do I do that?
Here's the rundown on each rank, it's privileges, and how someone can move up. Everyone has access to Discord (even for social chat). Guild repairs are available at all ranks, and the amount increases with rank.  If you have ANY questions, please ask!
 On Leave: Only privilege is using g-chat. When players are inactive for one month, they are put into this rank. This protects the guild bank in case their account is hacked. If they are gone for three months, and have not let the GM know when they are returning, they will be removed for inactivity. They can return to the guild when they return to the game, if they choose. When an On Leave player returns to the game, they are restored immediately to their prior rank.

Squire: New players start here, and are on probation. This is the time for the newer player to decide if they want to make us their home, and the guild will decide if they want to offer membership. They can withdraw from each Tab except for the Gear and Raid Tabs. The GM and the Masters (officers) will review each person after a few weeks and decide whether or not to offer membership in the guild.

Knight: Full members of the guild who are no longer on probation. Knights can withdraw more from the Guild Bank (except the Gear and Raid Tabs) and have more repair funds. 

Crusador:  Knights (or below) who have committed to being on a raid team. They are equivalant to Knights, but have access to more repair funds on raid nights and the Raid Tab. 

Counselor: A rank for our leaders who've retired in good standing. They have the same privileges as Marshalls, but no leadership responsibilities. It's a small way for our guild to thank them for their service. 

The next two ranks comprise our leadership team. There is not a set number of leaders; the GM will flex the size of the leadership team based on the needs of the guild, what skillset the player brings, and the overall composition of the team.  Marshalls are akin to supervisors while Masters are more like management. If you're military minded, Marshalls are the NCO's and Masters are command staff. They meet regularly together, as open, frank communication is vital. If you are interested in leadership, please contact the GM or a Master in-game for further information regarding expectations, qualifications and the process itself. 

Marshall: They plan and carry out the vision and goals of the GM and Masters. They might plan raiding old content for achieves, mounts, etc, or schedule pet battle nights. Perhaps one wants to organize some world PvP, or a fun event related to an in-game holiday. Another might assist in organizing and leading raid night. It's up to the Marshall, working with the GM and Masters, to decide what they'd like to do to help the guild. 

Master: They work closely with the GM in planning, direction and vision for the guild. They will also assist in determining promotions, raid team composition, and disciplinary action. Their character, integrity and discretion must be above reproach. They will be expected to work closely with the Marshalls as the entire team works for the good of the guild. 

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